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AS 1200 M1

AS 600 M1 | AS 900 M1 | AS 1200 M1

The all-rounder for the modern organic farm

The 7 mm tines take care of the crucial work. They are arranged in a tine spacing of 31.25 mm and in 6 rows. This tine spacing is the result of intensive testing, since a uniform work pattern should always be left between two harrow sections. The tines penetrate the soil while harrowing to a maximum depth of 2-3 cm to break up and crumble the upper soil crust. This ensures better soil aeration and the capillarity is interrupted. However, the primary focus is on the control of unwanted weeds. While the tines sweep over the soil, weeds that are already germinating are pulled out and deposited on the soil surface, where they wither and die off. This eliminates approximately 90 % of the weed seedlings in the crop.


IMPORTANT information: We reserve the right to make technical modifications and improvements to the performance, appearance and scope of delivery!

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    • Reducing incidental weeds
    • Soil cultivation
    • Soil stimulation
    • Increasing of the soil yield
    • Interrupt capillarity
  • Working width
    6 m / 9 m / 12 m

    Transport dimensions (folded)
    H 3,10 m x W 3,00 m x D 2,20 m (AS 600 M1)
    H 3,80 m x W 3,00 m x D 2,20 m (AS 900 M1)
    H 3,55 m x W 3,00 m x D 2,40 m (AS 1200 M1)

    1,300 kg

    Tine diameter
    7 mm

    Number of tines per section
    48 tines, 450 mm long

    Tine spacing
    31,25 mm

    Mounting category
    CAT 2 or CAT 3N

    Feeler wheels
    4 wheels (18,5x8-8“ tyres)

    Tractor performance
    from 44 kW / 60 HP

    A double-acting control unit is required for folding

    • 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm tines can be mounted
    • 20 mm longer wear tips on the tines - longer service life
    • Greater bend angle of the tines for excellent harrowing results
    • Feeler wheels that can be adjusted to the track width
    • Smooth folding due to curve control and longer hydraulic cylinders
    • Lower link catch tongue for easier coupling of the harrow
    • Uniform work pattern across 12 m due to the ideal tine spacing of exactly 31.25 mm
    • Easy central tine adjustment per section due to screwless connection
    • Constant ground adaptation of the harrow sections due to the chain
    • Uniform application of pressure by the forks on the harrow sections on undulating ground due to individual suspension and lateral compensation for each individual fork
    • Lateral sections are automatically pivoted in due to parallel guidance
    • Independent ground adaptation of each individual section array to ground contours
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to activate the subtitle function in the settings on Youtube to see English subtitles.

    APV Tined Weeder lower linkage catch lugs:
    In order to help the farmer to couple the APV Tined Weeder more easily and also save time, the lower linkage lugs have been folded outwards. This means that the lower linkage of the tractor slides in the right linkage position.

    APV Tined Weeder feeler wheels:
    The feeler wheels transmit a certain part of the weight from the harrow to the soil, thus the APV Tined Weeder has feeler wheels with 8-inch wheel diameter. This increases efficiency, but also ensures easy pulling of the harrow.

    APV Tined Weeder folding mechanism:
    Our APV Tined Weeder should have a gentle folding, thus we integrate a cylinder with adjusted stroke length as a standard.

    APV Tined Weeder folding rod of forks:
    The Road Traffic Act imposes a maximum transport width of 3 m. This is achieved due to the special folding of individual tine beds.

    APV Tined Weeder U-Profile:
    For the APV Tined Weeder we uses U-profiles on which the tines are mounted, so that no plants in higher crops won't be beheaded while harrowing. Furthermore, the windings of the tines are inside the U-profile, thus the crops are also protected from entrapment.

    APV Tined Weeder tine adjustment:
    As a rule, the APV Tined Weeder must be adjusted so that the harrow is perpendicular to the soil surface. This, as well as the working depth, is adjusted primarily via the feeler wheels. The Tined Weeder is designed so that when it is in operation the tines work perpendicular to the soil surface, which brings about the best result. The preload force of the tines can now be adjusted via the tine adjustment, done as a standard mechanically via a lever (optionally hydraulic). Ideally, the harrow operation will be checked on a short driving ramp (50-100 m) in the field.

    APV Tined Weeder plastic jaws:
    If there is a certain degree of weed pressure, then a higher contact pressure is required, particularly in the last tine rows. In the APV Tined Weeder, this is achieved by the plastic jaws, which allow the forks of the tine section to transmit more contact pressure to the rear tines through the pressurisation of the upper link. See Tined Weeder AS 1200 M1 on the APV Website in the Innovations area.


AS 1200 M1
AS 1200 M1
AS 1200 M1
AS 1200 M1
AS 1200 M1
AS 1200 M1
AS 1200 M1
AS 1200 M1
AS 1200 M1
AS 1200 M1
AS 1200 M1


  • Usable with Pneumatic Seeders PS 200 M1 - PS 500 M2 with hydraulic fan.

    • Hydraulic tine adjustment
    • Warning signs + lights
    • Mounting kit for PS 120 M1 - PS 500 M2
    • Access platform

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